The Can-Ice Glide Masters
Synthetic Ice Tiles

Introducing the Can-Ice Glide Masters 2’x2′ Tile; a skateable, double sided, true synthetic ice surface brought to you at an affordable price!


If real ice is 100%, CAN-ICE is 95%. I did a lot of research and visited manufacturing factories because I wanted only the best... Sidney Crosby also bought CAN-ICE for his home and confirmed how great it is.

Vincent Lecavalier

After I tried CAN-ICE, I wanted it for my home. I called Steven Wong and told him I am going to buy it for my basement to train on, saving me the time and money of going to the rink. It feels like real ice!

Elvis Stojko
Industry Leader

"Hockey Canada is endorsing CAN-ICE as our official supplier of synthetic ice. CAN-ICE can provide the young hockey player with a 12 month solution to develop their skating, puck control and shooting skills in the comfort of their own homes, without the maintenance of an outdoor rink."

- Paul Carson, VP of Development, Hockey Canada

Home, Pro, Commercial, Institutional

Whether you are an NHL all-star or a minor hockey player, CAN-ICE has the solution for you to train in the comfort of your own home.